Picture Fox

PictureFox inserts a imageflow gallery to any Amazon product. It scans for all available pictures and puts them into one gallery.



Key benefits over standard Amazon gallery:

  1. High resolution pictures: no more "Zoom-Viewer" with ridiculous small viewing window. View high definition pictures (upto 14 Mega-Pixels) on many products without viewing restrictions!
  2. All customer pictures in one fast gallery. No endless click-throughs!
  3. Different colors, versions and the marketplace: PictureFox got them all!
  4. Fast, easy to use, sleek ImageFlow style!




PictureFox works on all Amazon shops (.com, .de, .co.uk, ca., co.jp, .fr).
It shortens all Amazon links to a www.amazon.com/dp/XXXXXXXXXX/ scheme for easier linking. The standard Amazon gallery is not changed, so still useable. PictureFox just adds a small play-icon to launch the ImageFlow gallery.